Lora S Irish is the author of a series of woodcarving, pyrography, and craft pattern books.  Her first in-depth wood carving book is Classic Carving Patterns, published by Taunton Press, in 1999, publisher of ”Fine Wood Working Magazine”.  Other popular craft and hobby titles including the Great Book of Dragon PatternsRelief Carving Workshop, and The Art and Crafts of Pyrography,  and Classic Chip Carving published by Chipping Away, Inc.


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Essential Links for Wire Jewelry by Lora S IrishPyrography Basics
These four pamphelts are word-for-word Publisher Extractions from previously
released full-sized books by Lora Irish.  They contain no new information, text, teaching, projects, or patterns.

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 Relief Carving Workshop by Lora S. IrishRelief Carving Workshop
Chip Carving Workshop by Lora S Irish
Chip Carving Workshop

Great Book of Woodburning by Lora S IrishGreat Book of Woodburning
Great Book of Celtic Knot Patterns by Lora S IrishGreat Book of Celtic PatternsArts and Crafts Pyrography by Lora S  IrishArt & Craft PyrographyEAsy & Elegant Beaded Copper Jewelry by Lora S IrishEasy & Elegant Jewelry
 Great Book of Dragon Patterns by Lora S IrishGreat Book of Dragon Patterns Great Book of Fairies by Lora S IrishGreat Book of Fairy Patterns Great Book of Floral Patterns by Lora S IrishGreat Book of Floral Patterns
 Relief Carving Wood Spirits Relief Carving Wood Spirits
Great Book of Modern Tattoos by Lora S Irish
Modern Tribal Tattoos
 North American Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw by Lora S IrishNorth American Wildlife
 Great Book of Tattoo Designs by Lora S IrishGreat Book of Tattoos The Original Vampire Artists Handbook by Lora S IrishVampire Artists Handbook Wildlife Carving in ReliefWildlife Carving in Relief
 World Wildlife Patterns for the Scroll Saw by Lora S IrishWorld Wildlife Patterns, Scroll Saw……..
101 Artistic Relief Patterns by Lora S Irish
 101 Artistic Relief Patterns
Classic Carving Patterns by Lora S IrishClassic Carving Patterns