Learn Pyrography, Wood Burning, with Lora S. Irish!


Leather Purse Pyrography, Greenman Face, Project

Leather Purse Pyrography, Double-Needle Stitching

pyrography burned leather purse

Wildlife Cameo Free Pattern Pack 2017
Try it before you buy it – A free pattern pack from our website.

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Pyrography Pen Tips by Irish    Pyrography Pen Tips, free Lora Irish pdf
Learn what type of stroke and shading the most common pen tips create.

Toxicity in Pyrography and Wood Carving – Simple, common sense ideas to avoid the potential health hazards in your art studio.


Leather Burned Jewlery –  Discover the fun of leather pyrography.

Colored Pencils  –  Artist quality, colored pencils are a perfect coloring agent for your next wood burning project.

wood burned leather jewelry
Leather Burned Jewlery
colored pencils and pyrographyColored Pencils


Celtic Knot Birds Postage Stamp – Step-by-step pyrography project featuring a Celtic Knot Bird in a Postage Stamp design.

Photography for Pyrography – March 10th, 2015 – Let’s take a close look at how your photographs can be used for your next pyrography project, and how the color, shadow, and light of  those photos affect the tonal values of your wood burning.  Today we will start by defining the important terms that are used in describing light, shadows, colors, arrangements, and designs that we use in wood burning.

Contrasting Tonal Values – Learn how to use contrasting tonal values to create dramatic depth in your landscape, scenery, and wildlife wood burning.

 focal points in a pyrography design Tonal Values Pyorgraphy by Lora Irish free wood burning project by Lora Irish
  Photography for
Tonal Values
Celtic Knot Birds Postage Stamp

Fading Pyrography Projects – Discover why those older pyrography projects appear to fade over time.
Pyrography on Paper – Learn how to use watercolor paper, and other artist quality papers for your wood burning patterns.
Mushroom Pyrography Doodles – The textures, strokes, and shading on our pyrography does not have to be subtle, graduated shadings. This project takes your wood burning to a totally new level by using small, intrigue designs as your fill burnings.

Country Church Wood BurningWood burned owl of watercolor paperPyrography Doodle Mushroom, step 14
Fading Pyrography ProjectsPyrography on PaperMushroom Pyrography Doodles


This realistic landscape, featuring an abandoned car, a wooden fence line, and an old barn, uses the black and white sepia tones of the burn to bring the old car into the forefront of the finished design.

Fundamentals and Techniques of Pyrography

Explore the basic tools, supplies, and techniques used in wood burning and pyrography. Learn the difference between wood burning tool s – one temperature and variable temperature units. Discover what patterns, textures, and burn strokes each pen tip creates, then work those wood burning strokes on a practice board. Enjoy the tutorials on tonal values, the dark through light-colored burnings the create the three-dimensional pyrography for your patterns and designs.

The Basic Wood Burning Tool – One Temperature and Variable Temperature Units, Pen Tips
Wood Burning Technique Samples – Art Styles used in Pyrography
Basic Wood Burning Strokes and Textures – Sample Wood Burning Strokes

Variable temperature wood burning unitWood Burning Toolsleather burningTechnique Samplespyrography stroke guideBasic Strokes

Pyrography Practice Boards – Sample Practice Boards
Simple Pyrography Shading – Sea Dragon Circle Project
Tonal Value Sepia Worksheet – Creating a Practice Board Sepia Chart

poplar practice boardPyrography Practice BoardsIrish_sea_dragon_4-300x277Simple Pyrography Shadingworksheet sampleTonal Value Sepia Worksheet

Wood Burning Sepia Values – Mule Deer Portrait Project
Contrasting Tonal Values – Grandpa’s Pride, Abandoned Car Project
Mapping Your Pyrography Pattern – Flamingo Project

Mule Deer PyrographyWood Burning Sepia ValuesTonal Values Pyorgraphy by Lora Irish Contrasting Tonal ValuesFlamingoMapping Your Pyrography Pattern

Pyrography, Working in Layers – Red Hen in Knitting Basket Project
Daisy Pattern – Long Black-Eyed Susan Daisy Project
Coloring Wood Burned Projects – Old Time Fireman Project

Irish_red_hen_6-276x300Pyrography, Working in Layersrealistic pyrography patternsDaisy Patternfireman-cu9-sm Coloring Wood Burned Projects

Coloring Wood Burnings with Colored Pencils – Steam Punk Star Project

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In-depth, step-by-step instructions, including a free pyrography pattern by Lora Irish. Learn how to create the shading that gives your pyrography project depth. Explore how to burn animal fur and hair, wood grain, human faces, and fun doodle patterns.

Carousel Horse Wood Burning – Your First Wood Burning
Wood Burning Animal Fur and Hair – Cow Portrait Project
Blue Heron Tavern Pyrography – Blue Heron Duck Decoys Project

Colored Pencil HorseCarousel Horse
Beginner’s Project
cow pattern animal fur textures pyrography basicsWood Burning
Animal Fur and Hair
Pyrography Seashore Birds Project Blue Heron Tavern Pyrography

Pyrography Holiday Cards – Three Snowmen Christmas Card
Wine Caddy Sunflower Design – Sunflower Project
Pyrography Steps for Portrait Burning – Fairy Pixie Portrait

Christmas card pyrography project Pyrography Holiday
Christmas Cards
Wine Holder Wood Carving Project Wine Caddy
Sunflower Design
Pixie Portrait Pyrography Steps
Portrait Burning

Wood Burning the American Hero – 911 Fireman Project
Cougar Pyrography Project – Mountain Lion Project
Pyrography Doodles – 1950’s Retro Mushroom Project Post #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7

fireman-4sm-150x150 Wood Burning
American Hero
cougar-08-264x300 Cougar
Pyrography Project
Pyrography Doodle Mushroom, step 14 Pyrography Doodles

Pyrography Feather Border 1 – American Indian Feather Border Project, Post #2
Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project – Native American Mask Project, Post #2, # 3, #4, #5

Pyrography Leather Journal – Mythological Griffin Journal Project

pyrography feather border by Lora IrishPyrography
Feather Border
Pyrography Mask Project by IrishCeremonial Mask Pyrography Project DSC_4503 Pyrography
Leather Journal


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Mayan High Priest Pyrography Project Mayan High Priest PyrographyStyles of Pyrography by Lora Irish Art Styles of
Animal Portrait Pyrography by IrishAnimal Portraits Pyrography
Pyrography Doodle Patterns by Lora IrishPyrography Doodles E-BookCeremonial Masks Pyrography Project by IrishCeremonial Masks PyrographyComing Soon!
Wood Burning
E-Book by Lora Irish

Pyrography Hardcopy Books by Lora S. Irish, available through

Great Book of Woodburning by Lora Irish
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Arts & Crafts Pyrography by Lora Irish
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