Steam Punk Free Wood Burning Project

Step 1: Using a temperature setting of 3 ½ for a pale tonal value coloring and my standard writing tip pen I have shaded the acanthus leaves using a fine long line texture that follows the contour of the leaves. The shading for these leaves starts at the leaf tip and pulls into the center area of the leaf. A second area of shading is created where one area of the leaf or stem is tucked under another element. By working all of the leaf elements in the same manner at the same time they become united.

free wood burning steam punk projectfree wood burning steam punk project

Step 2: The coil loop areas are next worked using the same fine long line stroke and a temperature setting of 3 ½. To give the appearance of a tight turn in the coil loop I have worked the inside edge of each coil section twice to darken this area, leaving the outer edge of each coil section with only on layer of burning. The connecting nut in the center of each coil loop has been worked in a cross hatch pattern. By changing the line texture of the burning from simple lines in the coils to cross hatch in the connecting nuts I can separate these two design areas.

free wood burning patternfree wood burning pattern

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