Steam Punk Free Wood Burning Project

Step 5: Step 4 established the depth perspective for the gears. During this stage of the burning I have carried that depth perspective to the outer toothed edges of the gear. As with the inside holes all of the shading falls on the left or lower left side of the teeth.

The sides of the gear teeth have been worked at a temperature setting of 4 ½ to take them to a medium dark tone.

Lora Irish Free Pyrography ProjectLora Irish Free Pyrography Project


Step 6: I am ready to move to some of my unique elements. I have used fine long contour lines for the leaf elements, long lines for the coiled loops, cross hatching for the coil loop connectors and a tight scrubby stroke for the dark values in the electric cord and gear side shadings. Using my spoon shader tip pen at a temperature setting of 4 to 4 ½ I used a simple touch and lift stroke. This creates a large spotted texture for this element. A second layer of touch and lift burning was done on the lower areas of the junction box where one area of the pattern touched or tucked under another.

That same touch and lift spoon shader stroke is also used in the metal screw areas of the leaf elements, the electrical connectors at the end of the electric wires, the latch hook and in the nut and stop values on the coiled loops. The nuts and bolts in the center body of the dragonfly are worked in this same texturing stroke.

pyrography patterns for beginnerspyrography patterns for beginners

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