Steam Punk Free Wood Burning Project

Step 7: Returning to my standard writing tip pen and a medium temperature setting of 4 I have begun outlining some areas of my elements. By outlining this fun, whimsical pattern I can leave some areas of the pattern un-burned as highlight areas. If this were a realistic styled design I would outline only those areas that seemed weak or non-existent. By working this outlining step at a medium temperature I can always return to any area with a darker outline to strengthen that element, giving it more emphasis.

pyrography patterns for beginnerswood burning tools tips


Step 8: Its time to begin working on the gear faces. Using my standard writing tip and a temperature setting of 4 ½, I have worked the bottom left gear using a tight cross hatch stroke. A second layer of cross hatching was worked where the gear tucks under the two gears above it. The border area of this gear was worked using a touch and lift small spot stroke to create a new texture and therefore establish that border as an independent area from the gear face.

wood burning tools tipswood burning tools tips

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