Steam Punk Free Wood Burning Project

Step 9: If there is any word that describes this pattern it is whimsical. So I have decided to use fun little whimsical texture patterns for my gear faces. Using a temperature setting between 3 ½ and 4 and my standard writing tip I have burned tiny circles into the upper right hand gear. The circles are tightly packed to fill the entire gear face surface. Where this gear tucks under the organic leaves and electric wire a second layer of burning darkens the circle texture.

The upper left gear is worked in fine straight lines with a cross hatch pattern where this gear tucks under the filigree wings of the dragonfly.

The large central gear is worked in a random doodle stroke. Simply place your pen tip onto the gear face and begin wandering in small loops and turn backs. This texturing was worked on my low, pale value setting of 3. Just as with the first two gears where this gear tucks under another element in the pattern work a second layer of random doodle strokes to darken the area.

pyrography patternspyrography patterns


Step 10: The center right gear was worked at a temperature setting of 4. Using the side of my standard writing tip in a touch and lift stroke I made small quick dash lines. These lines were laid down generally following the circular feeling of the gear with some lines allowed to cross others.

wood burning patterns freewood burning patterns free

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