Free Wood Spirit Carving Project

Free Wood Spirit Carving Project

Cutting the slope of a wood spirits mustacheToday we will work through establishing the depth of the nose bridge, the slope of the nose, the division between the nose and the mustache, and freeing the nose from the cheeks.

So, click on the link below and let’s get carving!

Wood Spirit Carving, Establishing the Slope of the Nose

If you are just joining this free, online wood carving project, by Lora Irish, please check out the links below for your supply list and an over view of the planes of the human face.


cutting the nose bridge of a wood spirit wood carvingCarving the Wood Spirit Face, Supply List
Wood Spirit Carving, Planes of the Human Face







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Carving gloves and thumb guards used in wood carvingIf you are a new carver you may wish to check out Lora’s tool kit article for ideas on what tools, knives , and supplies make us a wood carving kit.

Beginner’s Whittling, Chip, and Wood Carving Supply Kit





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